How to get to the Rodeo Grounds

🌳Join our Community Parade on Saturday, Nov. 2nd, along the Bullawah Trail lead by Bpangerang Elder, Uncle Freddie!

The team from A Hitch To The Sticks festival are completely humbled from the response and interaction we received from helping to facilitate an educational collaboration between Bpangerang Elder, Uncle Freddie & the primary school kids of the Wangaratta region. 🦔🌳

The children listened to the incredible stories by Uncle Freddie about the history of Bpangerang people and the primary school kids translated the stories into amazing art pieces. Join us, along with the school kids, their wonderful pieces of art, their friends & families for the ‘Hitch’ community parade on Nov. 2nd at the Bullawah Trail lead by Uncle Freddie.

ℹ️👉We will meet at the corner of Gray and Evans St at 3:15pm then depart at 3:30pm, the parade will walk along the Bullawah Trail and feed into the Rodeo Grounds which will begin the festivities with a Welcome to Country.

We invite & welcome one and all festival-goers to join parents, friends, families & the children involved in the parade to kick off the huge Saturday festivities.