Kate Ceberano - Moyhu Hotel

Kate Ceberano has been Australia’s high priestess of pop, an award winning jazz singer, a record breaking festival artistic director and, hosted her own hit TV shows, starred in acclaimed movies, and above all that; she is a songwriter with the talent to take a tune to the top of the charts.

24 albums over 30 years, with 13 of them achieving Platinum or Gold sales and dozens of major awards, making her one the most prolific and awarded voices of her generation.

In November 2015, Kate was the first ever female to be inducted into the Australian Songwriters Association Hall of Fame.

Adding to this, in 2016, Kate was awarded an Order of Australia for significant service to the performing arts, particularly music, as a singer, songwriter and entertainer, and to charitable organisations…

Quite simply, Kate Ceberano is a bone fide Australian national treasure.

This Way North - Moyhu Hotel

It’s easy to forget that This Way North is a two-piece band. Drummer/vocalist Cat Leahy and guitarist/vocalist Leisha Jungalwalla create a uniquely full, expansive sound that translates effortlessly from the studio to the stage. Currently, of no fixed address, the country Victorian girls are enjoying life on the road, but one thing is evident their sound: their home is on the stage. Whether in a local dive bar or at an international festival, This Way North plays with more passion and energy than a 10-piece band, drumming up a contagious euphoria. Big, rhythmic, spacious and saturated with summer, they invite you to turn up the volume and let loose.

Lee Rosser - Rock n Roll Breaky

“Tuned down acoustic guitar, massive vocals, & drum grooves to swing your feet to. ‘I can’t believe I have to go on after this c#@t – what a voice!” – Tim Rogers

There is a certain stubborness needed to be an artist untouched by the inevitable lure of commercial short term gain. Few however, take it to the extremes that Lee Rosser does. Growing much of his own food and living in a house he built himself from mostly recycled materials, many of the ideas and philosophies contained in “Giving yourself away” are based on the process of supporting yourself and the compromises needed to do it. The debut solo record from the former ʻRambunctiousʼ frontman has the rare quality of working as well in the studio as it does live. Blessed with a three octave vocal range and grooving right hand, the album uses only voice, guitar, and drums (Nicky Bomba). The result is a far cry from the normal singer/songwriter spangle jangle. By using minimal effects and overdubs it has a very upfront, percussive feel.

This Quick and the Dead - Moyhu Hotel

When the sweeping majesty of the Old West faces off with the spirit of blues-infused heavy rock in a whiskey-soaked saloon, there can only be one outcome. As the dust settles at high noon, we see three figures standing; they are Rhys Duursma, Kai Duursma and Isaac Goeby. Together, they are The Quick and The Dead.

Rhys is the drummer and lead singer, channeling the talents of childhood hero Aaron Gillespie by combining soaring vocals with brutal rhythms, His brother Kai the band’s blues aficionado turning the Eric Clapton-dial up to eleven when the others aren’t looking and Isaac anchoring The Quick and The Dead’s tunes with formidable bass rhythms. 

The three bring together the musical sensibilities of acts like U2 and Tom Petty, forging them in the energy and fire of Thrice and Maylene & The Sons of Disaster, to create something disarmingly new and exciting. There are progressive tendencies here too; the band’s third album, a self-titled 14 track odyssey, includes a five song suite which follows an absorbing narrative of cowboys, gunfights, whiskey, adventure, and more whiskey. 

The album has received impressive reviews, with Resurgent.com calling it “a 14 track journey into a beautifully crafted landscape”. 

It promises to be the start of an exciting new chapter in one of Victoria’s most interesting and rewarding bands.

Droid - Rock n Roll Breaky

Formed in 2017 the DROID fellas have been slaving over a cauldron of sludge and doom trying to contour up the dirtiest, gravity defying riffs to bring on a slow apocalypse. Having released their debut EP ‘Province’ in November 2017, DROID will be crawling from their tube-glowing cave to lay down some seriously groove ridden sludge orgies.

The Greensmen - Rock n Roll Breaky

After travelling abroad for the better part of three years, North East Victorian bred musician, Rick Steward has been living on the road and riding motorcycles through countless countries throughout Asia, the Middle East & Europe. Armed with only his guitar and back pack he’s played his music from the streets of Burma, across the Islands of Cambodia, on mountain tops in Thailand, busking his way through India and rocked music bars across Israel.  Back from hiatus Rick will be joined by good mates Tim Wooltorton & Callum Robinson aka ‘The Greensmen’ to deliver a bunch of energetic fat pole dancing blues riffs to showcase a bunch a new tracks that will feature on their upcoming release.