Rob Ely - Moorngag Hall

Rob Ely was born and raised around the grazing pastures of Kelly country, at the foot of the Strathbogies, in North-East Victoria. Ely’s parents encouraged him to take up guitar at age 7 and his interest in singing along to his own strumming followed soon after. He started writing his own music as a teenager, joining bands and writing music throughout highschool. Since then he has been performing around Australia, in bands or as a solo act, and has featured on some of your favourite 3-letter radio stations.  Rob Ely writes indie-folk musings about the heart, life and the absurdity of existence, marrying melancholic guitar with powerful vocals . He loves the process of writing and recording his own work.  He has recently finished writing a new album and is in the process of recording it for release later this year.

Mac's Peak - Moorngag Hall

Mac’s Peak would like to be a mod-outfit.  Held together mostly by O. Mestitz’s iconic drumming, they play simple pop/folk songs circumspect of contemporary life’s mayhem and politics. Reverb is friend-for-life, as are the Tatong hills. These days, when band members are not touring or playing with other projects, they can be found stalking the bluestone alleyways of Melbourne’s northern suburbs on their way to day jobs

Scratch Match - Moorngag Hall

Brit, Jess, Sheena and Stacy make music which is a bit punk, a bit pop, and a bit poetic.

Ellen James - Moorngag Hall

Ellen James is a folkie local gal who will take you upon a journey along her strange adventures. Down the dirt road of her dreams, through the forest of nostalgia, and taking a dip in the pond of imagery, existence and experience. With a guitar and vocals, Ellen’s voice has been described kind of like Stevie Nicks but with a twist. For the past year and a bit, Ellen has been mostly absent from her craft due to a mysterious and serious arm related injury. She is looking forward to playing her first show back in the public for quite sometime.