Tex Perkins & The Fat Rubber Band – Rodeo Grounds

Magic Dirt – Rodeo Grounds

Stonefield – Rodeo Grounds

The Songs of Captian Matchbox – Rodeo Grounds

Dallas Frasca – Rodeo Grounds

Ella Hooper – Moyhu Hotel

Dallas Crane – Malt Shed

Bachelor Girl – Malt Shed

Hat Fitz & Cara – Rodeo Grounds

Cookin’ On 3 Burners feat. Raleigh Williams – Malt Shed

Taj Farrant – Moyhu Hotel

Davidson Brothers – Moyhu Hotel

Dr Karl (Neighbours) – VIP BUS ONLY

Barry Morgan – VIP BUS ONLY

Glitter Bitch Club – VIP BUS ONLY

Liv Cartledge – VIP BUS ONLY

Emilee South – Malt Shed

Minnie Marks – Malt Shed

Jo Jo Smith – VIP BUS ONLY

Benny Williams – Moyhu Hotel

N/E Hitchers Winner – Rodeo Grounds