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First things first – booze. We won’t be able to consume alcohol on the bus, however there are plenty of stops where we can. We ask that you please respect this rule.

Off-road we will be providing some alcohol, and at other stops you will be able to purchase your own drinks/meals from the venues. Please bring enough cash as eftpos will not always be available.

For Saturday night our friends at The Malt Shed in Wangaratta have brewed a very special Hitch festival beer which we can shout you a few (drink tokens will be provided).

Make sure you bring your own reusable water bottle (water stations provided) & some snacks for the bus. We have a couple of long stretches of country road on the ride.

Suitcases will be stored in the luggage compartment underneath the bus while we’re on the road, and won’t be accessible until the evenings.

Please be mindful to only take a small bag/suitcase, but remember to pack your essentials and prepare for all weather types!

We would like to encourage you to put your mobile phones down for the weekend. We need your help to achieve this. While we are happy for you to take the odd snap here and there it will be frowned upon filming any more that 20 sec grabs for your intsa. stories etc.

We are trying to create a healthy culture of real engagement and being in the moment.. Because when you look back on the footage it’s never as good as actually being in the moment (and does anyone actually ever look back at that footage)?


Please understand we are very privileged to be able to experience many of these artists in such an intimate setting. unlike the normal gig environment they are use to (where they are in safe zone on stage). Please respect their space, ENJOY the music & DON’t BE THAT GUY..

Do we need to say more? Offensive behaviour will not be tolerated and it’s a long walk home.